Quality Policy Statement

Most prominently, our quality policy states that the eminence of our products and services are 100% assured as per the customer requirements. This objective has helped us to earn our customer satisfaction

We significantly believe in a working environment which supports the mutual contribution from the both client as well as contractor. As a result, the policy statements can be completely fulfilled along with the consistent efforts in improving the service quality. We have structured 3 basic principles upon which all our quality policy is based on.

The company staffs are solely responsible for accomplishing the customer requirements by following the strict set of rules and procedures.

We frame the list of objectives needed to meet the customer expectations. Additionally, these objectives include the set of points required to maintain the service quality and monitored regularly.

We maintain the transparent environment among the staff members which allows the easy reach of quality policy principles and objectives. Along with this, the training is provided as an integral part of policy statements.

he quality of the services are consistently reviewed and improved which portrays the perfection in which the task has been completed in the most economical way. Also the delivery of services is supposed to be within the stipulated period of time.

As a whole, we proclaim to implement all the policy statements efficiently in a duty-bound manner.

EHS Statement

CRESCON PROJECTS AND SERVICES PVT LTD (CPS) establish EHS policy throughout the entire organization, the concept is that people and property are our most important company assets, and the protection thereof has management’s highest priority.

CPS acknowledges and accepts its responsibility to provide a safe and healthy working environment for its employees. CPS endorses the concept that this responsibility

cannot be discharged passively but requires the active effort and support of every level of management through constant training and supervision of its employees and through continued review of its construction methods.

Specifically, it is the policy of the CPS to: